From Russia with love

Launched by Mukaddas Khawaja in 2018, The Khawaja Makeup Studio is one of the fastest-growing beauty brands from South Asia. Mukaddas began her professional beauty career in Moscow, Russia.

Entrepreneur with morals

Mukaddas Khawaja supports many good causes in her private life, and is the co-founder of our international human rights & human development not-for-profit organisation, The Khawaja Foundation.

Business with ethics

The Khawaja Makeup Studio is against all forms of cruelty and mistreatment to animals. We only endorse products and services from brands whom endeavour to uphold the highest of quality control standards.

We are committed towards ending the suffering and abuse of animals by supporting PETA, whose hard work helps lifesaving work for animals in the food industry, in circuses, in laboratories, and anywhere else that they’re mistreated.